The first Seven rules

The first seven rules:
Retreat to your corner of the ring before a fallen opponent
The count of half a minute after a fall and to be able to get back to the
center of the ring and restart the fight or be considered “man out of action”
Only the boxers and their seconds could climb into the ring
The prohibition of private arrangements between boxers in terms of money
The selection of referees to settle disputes between boxers
The prohibition of hitting an opponent when s/he is down
Locks can only be used above the waistline
Broughton’s Rules were maintained with some modifications until 1838 when they were replaced by the London Prize Ring Rules.
During this time, boxing was introduced to the American continent and at the end of the nineteenth century boxing fever began to spread in non-whites countries, especially in those where there was British or American influence, such as Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, South Africa and Spain.
Ever since 2009 United Kingdom Boxing Union (UKBU) has evolved, risen up and transformed the way we look at this wonderful sport called boxing, for the organisation most important thing is the safety, health and respect for the boxer who steps into the ring with a thirst to win, to please his/her public regardless of the risk s/he may face.
The set of UKBU rules revolutionise boxing as follows:


The reduction of the length of Championship fights from 12 to 6 roundTh
The creation of divisions
Non Championship fight with 14oz gloves
Championship fights with 10oz gloves
Annual medical examinations for champions and classified boxers
3 round for the novice boxer’s
4,5,& up to 6 round for the experienced & elite fighters
United Kingdom Boxing Union (UKBU) championship round

1)UKBU London Title 4 round (under 10 fights)
2)UKBU English Title 5 round (over 10 fights)
3)UKBU British Title 6 round (open class)
4) UKBU Premier Championship title 6 round ( Elite class)
The UKBU is an organisation that is working and will continue to work tirelessly, with each of its members trying to position boxing as the number one sport, mostly to protect the fighter in all respects.
The proof of this is for 7years, the United Kingdom Boxing Union has organised & certified all boxer’s its annual record, featuring referees, promoters, judges and representatives of affiliated organisations.
The use of a new certification of gloves as to ensure they are within the parameters of safety for the boxers.
The use of bandages, what is permitted as well as what is not permitted, so that it can be dealt with in the same way throughout all events.
The referees have the authority to stop the fight when an opponent is in poor condition and does not have the slightest opportunity to emerge victorious.

All fighters will receive a “passport” with their data allowing them to prevent sports accidents in their fights in the ring.
The National Boxing passport, which will come into effect in mid 2015, will protect the boxers from accidents.

The creation of boxing tournament at regional and national levels and in the future at a global level, aiming to look for new boxing hero’s.

From the moment creation of United Kingdom Boxing Union has sanctioned approximately 40 title fights all over UK, with the participation of the Elite boxers including: Istvan Szucs, Marcus Marriott, Tony Bange, Khaliq Miah, Mike Bourne, Walid Talbi, Wasim Ilyis, Andrew Kavalierou, to name a just few